• Battle with people around the world
  • Build and defend your base
  • Dominate the sea
Empire Warships
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v3.2 Features:
1. Added stage wipe out function.
2. Added rename alliance function.
3. Added rename character function.
4. Added flashing text effect when power changes
on home screen.
5. Added new stage in alliance elite challenge
(Produce Lv.7 ships material).
6.Added new main mission.
7. Added mission quick access function.
8. Added ability to claim energy at 12:00 and 18:00 every day.
9. Added prompt if there are buildings available to build.

10. Added push notification when the peace flag expires.
11. Added push notification when resource collection is completed.
12. Added share accessory information function to chat channel.
13. Added record and share video function.
14. Added star rock reset function.
15. Added new VIP coordinates privileges.
16. Added optimized accessory strengthening; added auto
select Exp material function.
17. Added optimized military exercise rewarding rules; all players are able to claim reward in military exercise every day.
18. Bug fixes.